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Ecommerce Trend for 2021: M-Commerce is here to stay! Is your Business Mobile-Ready to Compete?

These days, the trend in ecommerce is Mobile as the primary, Desktop as the secondary. Mobile will continue to gain an even stronger foothold in 2018 with 62% of smartphone users having made an online purchase on their mobile device within the last six months. An estimated $600 million in mobile commerce is predicted for 2018, and 40 percent of all ecommerce revenue will come from mobile over the next year.

Fingerprint and facial recognition technology, as well as one-click payments, will simplify mobile payments and further encourage consumers to switch from desktop to mobile. Mobile will soon become the preferred payment method for ecommerce transactions. It’s estimated that mobile will reach 70% of ecommerce traffic by the end of this year alone.

As mobile purchasing continues to grow, it’s important to create an ecommerce site that is optimized for mobile. Past patterns of building an ecommerce site meant creating a desktop site, building a mobile experience based on that, then maybe developing an app. In 2018 that process will be flipped for many new online venders and those seeking an overhaul current systems.

Mobile checkout will become a convenience that no consumer will want to do without and that no merchant can afford to ignore, therefore the primary objective for online businesses should be creating a top-notch mobile experience foremost, with desktop being a secondary focus.