" Jeff is one of the more innovative thinkers about how the industry is changing. His knowledge of the technology platforms is second to none. I recommend him strongly."

Mark Blundell
SA International

" Jeff has a strong execution ability with quick action. He demonstrated great leadership to launch a new digital business from scratch. In particular he has a great experience in building new business models in the Digital market.
I can guarantee that he has a market vision and the ability to design, develop and manage digital products."

Takayasu Nakamura
Roland DG Corporation

" We have the privilege of working with Jeff since 2018. His vision and management on the new product PODPRIME.com have proven out success time and time again. I recommend him personally for the following: Vision, Cloud, Web, Mobile, Digital Product Design & Development."

Brandon Sowers
Inklocker Inc.

" Jeff did work for my company and he truly is a visionary and expert with product design and development. He completely redesigned our Saas dashboard and the response from our community has been very positive. I highly recommend him to lead anything related to Cloud, Web, Mobile and Digital Product Design & Development"

" Jeff DiToro promised to make my website fast, efficient, beautiful to the eye, and able to be just as beautiful on the mobile site. In just two days he already had three pages of my site up and running. His level of professionalism is off the scale, and his people skills are amazing. With Jeff, I trust him implicitly, he delivers on what he promises, and he delivers it quickly."

" I’ve been fortunate to know and have worked with Jeff for several years and have found him to be a strong leader, entrepreneur and product strategist. Jeff has an innate ability to understand emerging technology -- such as Cloud, DevOps, Digital Print/Signage and Mobile – and market opportunity to develop a digital product strategy for any business. Additionally, he’s led many multidisciplinary product development teams emphasizing user experience and design."

Greg Saliba
Bayen Group

" Jeff is an expert in digital technologies. He worked to improve our capabilities beyond our present technology."

Bob King

" Creatives loved Jeff because he understands them and is open and complimentary of the work, instead of looking for the first reason to shut something down. He encouraged collaboration within the multi-disciplinary teams from different organizations assigned to the task. Add to that some great technical chops that Jeff has acquired over the years and I would say he is an excellent choice to manage any digital/creative project, small to large."

Hal Brice

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