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Growthsayer is the forerunning supply chain optimization platform for cannabis. A supply chain optimization platform delivering optimal inventory forecasting in minimal time. Growthsayer’s Artificial Intelligence predicts future sales and inventory so you can grow more profitably, automatically. DijaBull built the MVP from a Design Guide and Protype delivering a fully mobile responsive site with AI forecasting, inventory engines, dynamic data dashboards, and user generated reporting. Users are provided tools to generate data queries on a per product SKU basis for AI analysis.

Features and functions included: Dynamic Supply Chain data syncs via 3rd party vender APIs, AI Forecasting Engine, AI ROI Booster, Order & Reorder Management, and more.

Product Type: Web Application

TechStack: Node+REACT+Python+MySQL

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Endurance Sportswire


Read by thousands of industry insiders each day, Endurance Sportswire is the premier source of business news in the running, cycling and triathlon industries. DijaBull overhauled the existing site with something more visually and dynamically appealing to the audience with dozens of features to appease the user experience. We built a more optimized backend architecture to increase performance and added SEO enhancements. A fully responsive, user generated, sports news platform was designed to let its audience query and retrieve news feeds from their favorite categories. Users are provided tools to publish their own news articles, job postings, and business offerings.

Features and functions included: Dynamic News Catalog Feed System with Smart Search, Automated Trending News Module, Advertising Engine, Job Listing Board, Industry Vender Directory, Subscription Commerce, Newsletter Landing Page and more.

Product Type: Web-Application

Web Framework: WordPress with Custom Theme and Cloudflare CDN

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Its Paws


Its Paws is a social platform connecting pet lovers and pet services providers together in a single community sharing experience. The startup’s goal was to create a digital community to share and experience all-things-pets, from events, to memories, to service offerings. Dijabull designed and built their platform from scratch with a fully responsive, rich UI/UX, and user-generated content to let its audience express themselves about their favorite pet stuff.Features and functions included: Pet Service Provider listing and Marketplace, Messaging, social posting, social groups, community wall, event calendar with Geo-Mapping, Review and Rating system, and much more

Product Type: Web-Application

TechStack: Laravel PHP

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Nymbull is the creator of a device invented for the remote locking and unlocking of merchandise. The startup’s objective was integrate this proprietary device into an eccommerce marketplace platform for classified merchandise listings where buyers and sellers can connect for the exchange. DijaBull designed and developed a platform which communicated to the remote locking device and facilitated a personal automated shopping experience from prototype to MVP .

Features and functions included: subscription & transaction based commerce, fully mobile friendly, custom ADMIN panel, digital wallet, Messaging, Geo-Mapping, Review and Rating system, and much more.

Product Type: Web-Application

Web Framework: WordPress with Custom Theme and Custom Plugin

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Landa Vineyards


We helped Landa Vineyard, a Sonoma California winery, revamp and modernize its website, combining simple photography with typography that speaks to the origin of the family vineyard to a simple online presence developed with a beautiful responsive experience where customers could learn about the wine, explore all of its varietals and even purchase bottles right from the website. We created consistency across all factors that are sure to stand out

Product Type: Website

TechStack: WordPress

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Caregiverdave is an exclusive membership community for caregivers to receive coaching, resources, support, and social community in order to not just survive but thrive as a caregiver. DijaBull transformed their old website with a fresh simplistic re-design into a fully responsive membership site and let its audience query and retrieve news feeds from their desired categories, listen to podcasts, watch videos, and even schedule 1:1 therapeutic coaching sessions. From there launched a full Social Media campaign and SEO optimization for onsite and offsite to build brand awareness, adaptation, membership conversions, and increase visitor traffic organically.

Product Type: Website

Web Framework: WordPress

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Ronin Factory


Ronin Factory is a branded manufacturer and online retailer of unique aftermarket parts and accessories for sport-utility trucks. DijaBull was approached by Ronin to develop an internal operations web-application designed to manage their online sales forecasting and supply-chain logistics for product fulfillment. We built an application that monitors daily inventory levels for a multitude of products from multi-warehouses locations and auto-calculates replenishment orders based on the tool’s sales forecasting algorithm.

Product Type: Web-Application

TechStack: Angular and PHP with API integrations to Amazon, Ebay, and Shopify and others

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PODprime is a platform to create digital storefronts with a gallery of POD apparel to sell custom branded designs. Small businesses can deploy custom webstores in minutes without need to be tech-savvy. By using the system’s internal design tool, buyers can purchase personalized products exactly the way they want them. DijaBull designed and developed the MVP so visitors can select their interests and enjoy a unique shopping experience.

Product Type: Web-Application

Web Framework: Vue.JS and PHP with API integrations.

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