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Endurance Sportswire


Read by thousands of industry insiders each day, Endurance Sportswire is the premier source of business news in the running, cycling and triathlon industries. DijaBull overhauled the existing site with something more visually and dynamically appealing to the audience with dozens of features to appease the user experience. We built a more optimized backend architecture to increase performance and added SEO enhancements. A fully responsive, user generated, sports news platform was designed to let its audience query and retrieve news feeds from their favorite categories. Users are provided tools to publish their own news articles, job postings, and business offerings.

Features and functions included: Dynamic News Catalog Feed System with Smart Search, Automated Trending News Module, Advertising Engine, Job Listing Board, Industry Vender Directory, Subscription Commerce, Newsletter Landing Page and more.

Product Type: Web-Application

Web Framework: WordPress with Custom Theme and Cloudflare CDN


Email Newsletter Opt-in Landing Page.

Responsive Home page with dynamic content feed (searchable & filterable content categories).

Dynamic news content feed with searchable & filterable categories. Plus paid Ad-banner rotation.

Business Directory; searchable and categorized.

Job board with published paid classifieds.

Ecommerce for premier press release showcasing.

Saas subscription ecommerce.

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