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Every business needs a website. Whether it’s a new site or refreshing an existing one, front-end websites are a core area of expertise at DijaBull. No two companies are alike, so we work collaboratively with you to assess your current business, markets, offerings and customers to craft the strategic blueprints and roadmap for your website. […]


We design and build new digital products, but we also see value in modernising existing ones. In building custom Web-Apps, our purpose is to craft solutions to business issues in order to deliver tools that drive growth, automation, and efficiency within your company. We take a holistic approach to learn about the business objectives to […]

Dedicated Team

Quickly scale your development capacity to meet demand. We are a one stop shop for front and back end web development and will become an extension of your company as an external-embedded resource. Whether you’re launching a new product or need help with a specific challenge, we’ll build a team around your needs, helping you […]

Managed Services

The development of a successful product never ends: it moves, gets upgraded, retired, and (sometimes) breaks. As more and more users adopt it, new features and adjustments are required. We provide support and maintenance that does more than just keep the ‘lights on’; we’ll ensure your product is supported on a resilient technical infrastructure so […]

Product Design

Even the strongest of ideas requires a great deal of development. If you’re looking to develop a great product that’ll dazzle users and change your business, you’re not going to want to take any shortcuts.  We are the experienced design and engineering partner you’ve been searching for. Whether you need to build an entire product […]

Digital Consulting

It’s not always easy to know what your next play should be. That’s where we come in.  Working from the beginning with the right advisor establishes a winning digital plan.  A fresh insight to the product can highlight new possibilities and detect obstacles.  From research through ideation we bring products to success… from modifications to […]

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